Does Crutchfield Price Match? – Crutchfield Price Matching Policy (Updated in 2023)

Price match is a policy provided by some retailers to the customers as a loyalty. It increases the customers. It also gives customers a chance to shop at the minimum rates. Plus, the competition between grows and the customer care services get better.

Does Crutchfield price match? Yes, but only from specific competitors and on specific items. Crutchfield does not give a price match on all items. Also, the policy is only applicable if the competitor’s total cost is lower than Crutchfield. The total cost includes shipping and tax amount too.

By the way, do you know is Crutchfield going out of business or not? If you think like Crutchfield advisors, you should know about Crutchfield price history. They sells in very low price.

Crutchfield History

Crutchfield is a North American electronics retailer that has been in business for over 50 years. The company specializes in audio and video equipment for cars, homes, and portable use. The company’s headquarters are in Charlottesville, Virginia. Crutchfield products include Bluetooth Speaker and TV, as well as car audio and video equipment including GPS, Car Speakers with marine certification, Car Audio Coaxial Speackers, Polk Audio, Bose Headphones, etc.

Crutchfield’s business model has evolved since 1974, concentrating on a few key areas. The Charlottesville store now offers virtualized listening experiences for hundreds of speakers thanks to patented technologies. This data fuels internal resources for sales and technical support, as well as the database that powers the online Outfit My Car tool.

The company now has over 6 million customers and employs over 800 people. Crutchfield created tools such as the Outfit My Car tool and our interactive 25,000-vehicle Vehicle Fit Database. Customers audition speakers online and shop for A/V equipment with the help of an advisor.

The company claims to have amassed the world’s largest database of vehicle fit data. Outfit My Car uses in-house measurements of thousands of vehicles to ensure that aftermarket speakers and car stereos fit properly.

Source: Wikipedia.

Crutchfield Reviews

Crutchfield has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 based on Trustpilot, G2, and overall reviews. Crutchfield indicates that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Customers have reviewed Crutchfield on a variety of factors.

Most of the customers are satisfied with the products quality and cost. Some customers had complaints about shipping time. However, the bad reviews are negligible as compared to the good ones.

Does Crutchfield Price Match Their Store Prices?

No, in-store price matching is not available at Crutchfield. Despite having numerous physical locations, they do not price match. They only price match the online retailers. The price match policy is only available on specific items.

Does Crutchfield Price Match Their Online Prices?

Yes. You can call or chat with a competitor to request a price match if you find an identical item at a lower price. You should, however, show proof of the lower price. The price match is available only if the competitor has a price lower than Crutchfield including shipping and tax. Also, the price match is only available on specific items.

Does Crutchfield Price Match Amazon?

Yes. On everything sold, Crutchfield strives to keep prices low and competitive. Crutchfield compares Amazon’s prices to those of competitors on a regular basis to ensure that Amazon’s prices are competitive.

Does Crutchfield Match Adorama’s Prices?

No. According to the company’s customer service representatives, in-store competitor prices are not eligible for price matching. Price matching is only available for B&H, BestBuy, and Sonic Electronix. They are only eligible for a price match for their online process.

Does Crutchfield Match the Price of B&H Photo?

Yes. If you find an identical item at a lower price at a competitor, you can call or chat with them to request a price match. However, you should provide proof of the lower price. Also, there is only specific products that Crutchfield will price match.

Does Crutchfield Have a Price Adjustment Offer?

Yes. Crutchfield guarantees a 60-day price adjustment. If you buy something from Crutchfield and later find it cheaper at a competitor’s store, you can ask for a price adjustment.

Crutchfield Price Match Process

Here is a complete process of how to price match from Crutchfield. If you read the whole thing it will save you a lot of time.

Criteria for Price Matching

It’s critical to understand their criteria after learning they offer a price match. By criteria, they mean that in order to be eligible for a price match at the Crutchfield store, several items or deals must meet their requirements. The following are the requirements:

➢ Their first criterion is that the items at the competitor and Crutchfield must be identical.

➢ The item you want to price match should be in stock at both the competitor’s and Crutchfield’s locations.

➢ To be eligible for the price match, both the competitor’s and Crutchfield’s delivery times must be comparable.

➢ The delivered price will be matched. The total must include shipping costs in addition to the item’s price to qualify for the discount.

The Price Match Process

Crutchfield’s price matching procedure is more manageable. However, understanding how to request a price match is critical. Here’s how it works at Crutchfield:

➢ You should call Crutchfield’s phone number or chat with proof of the lower price if you find an identical item at a competitor.

➢ 1-844-680-6045 is their phone number.

➢ You may be unable to contact them if you are unaware of their customer service hours. As a result, make sure you chat or call them at the proper time. You can request a price adjustment on Crutchfield’s website if you buy something at Crutchfield and it becomes cheaper at Crutchfield or its competitors within 60 days.

➢ They will adjust the item’s price and refund you the difference once they verify the item’s eligibility.

Crutchfield’s Return Policy

Crutchfield return policy is very reasonable. You have 60 days to return items that are not complete and in new condition if you are unhappy. Take some time to become familiar with your equipment; we want you to enjoy your purchase.

Price matching does not apply to items like car security and remote start systems. Some items that have been pre-ordered, opened, or refurbished cannot be price matched.

Also you can ask Crutchfield via email to know their return policy condition & of course before your purchase.


Here is a quick FAQs section to help you further with the price match.

Is it possible to get a stereo that matches the color of the windscreen in your car?

We think it’s great when a new car stereo blends in with the existing dash illumination scheme. Look for models that allow you to change the color of different parts of the receiver, such as the display and the buttons, to fine-tune the color match.

Models that allow you to adjust specific RGB color levels for a perfect match are also available. To see your options, look for stereos with variable colors.

Can a high-powered car stereo be played through my factory speakers?

Your factory speakers should be able to handle the output from an aftermarket CD receiver, but their performance is limited. Turn up your new radio with the car still running. Note the volume level at which your factory speakers begin to distort, and don’t go any higher than that.

What does Crutchfield have to offer without Exclusions?

Crutchfield sells mobile audio and video equipment and speakers, televisions, and other electronic products for the home, office, and on the go. To keep cars safe, they also offer car security equipment and remote start technology.

Is Crutchfield a legit website?

Yes, Crutchfield is a legitimate website that offers a variety of products and services. Some of the products and services that they offer include audio/video equipment, cars, home appliances, and more. They also have an extensive customer service team that is available 24/7 to help you with whatever your needs may be.

Does Crutchfield price match Best Buy?

Best Buy sometimes has lower prices on items, but they typically do not match Crutchfield’s prices. Actually pricing match depends on various option as like as free shipping, coupon code, select items, the return system, tech support, date of purchase, promo codes, third-party offer, manufacturer’s price & offer, etc.

Does Crutchfield Charge a restocking fee?

Answer is NO! Then don’t.

Final Thoughts

Crutchfield will also match the price of the manufacturer. Price matching is only available on certain items, so check with Crutchfield’s customer service department to see if your item qualifies and, if it does, request a price match before you buy or up to 60 days afterwards.

Crutchfield’s Product Research division verifies manufacturer data on each consumer electronics product for car, home, and portable use, and conducts additional tests and measurements by opening, assessing, and measuring almost every product carried by the company.

This information is then entered into a product information database that customers can access online, as well as through Crutchfield employees who provide sales and post purchase technical support.

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