Does Verizon Price Match? – Verizon Price Match Policy (The Best Update in 2023)

Price match is a tactic used by almost all renowned stores to increase the sales and customer base. It is a great way to get a loyal customer base. In some cases, price match is good for the customers, but in some cases, price match is not as good as it seems.

Does Verizon Price Match? No, Verizon doesn’t price match against any of the competitors. Verizon will give you better deals if you call their customer support regarding a price match policy, however, as of the updated policy in 2023, they have no policies regarding price match against competitors.

Anyways, if you are looking for getting an upgrade on your mobile phone, and you are going to choose Verizon to buy the phone. You should know about the price matching policies of Verizon in order to get better deals or some special discounts or other offers.

Verizon History

Verizon was formed by the biggest merger in 2000 after merge with Bell Atlantic Corporation (1983–2000). Two renowned companies, Bell Atlantic and GTE merged and changed the name to Verizon. The company’s major operations are in four major sections. The domestic section of the company holds more than 15 telephone subsidiaries.

Verizon is named after combining the Latin word veritas with the word horizon. The deal was made for $58 billion. Before the merger, Bell Atlantic was operating in 13 states. GTE, at the time of the merger, was providing service in 28 states.

In 2001, Verizon had more than 28 million customers. These customers were using around 64 million phone lines. Verizon had coverage in more than 60 of the major cities. For supplying network equipment for more than 2 years a long time, a deal was struck for $3 billion with Nortel Networks.

In 2001, the company made a 5-year expansion plan overseas. The overseas countries included Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Toronto. The total cost of expansion was $1 billion.

Until 2003, the company expanded to more than 40 countries. The total users were around 28 million. In 2003, Verizon had annual revenue of more than $60 billion. They were still expanding over countries.


Verizon Reviews & Rating

Verizon reviews in Trustpilot
Caption: Does Verizon price match? No!

Verizon is rated 3.00 out of 5.00 stars on global review platforms.

The review platforms include Trustpilot, G2, and Capterra. Customers have rated the store based on their shopping experience and customer support.

Customer support doesn’t even listen to the customers until they persuade them a little by threatening to change the service provider. Many reviews show negative feedback about the customer support of Verizon.

According to the reviews, Verizon does not even provide price matching against any other phone company. Samsung and Apple are the biggest rivals of Verizon, and Verizon has no price matching policy against any of them.

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Does Verizon Price Match their Store Price?

No, Verizon has no price match policy against their store prices. They do not give any special price in comparison to their competitors. They might offer you some kind of account credit. You can call customer support to get a better deal from them, but of course, it is not as good as a price match against others.

Does Verizon Price Match their Online Price?

No, is the answer to this question. Like the in-store purchase of Verizon, the online purchase has no price match policy. If you have already bought a product from Verizon and then you see a better deal somewhere else on printed or digital media, unfortunately, you will not be entertained by this price difference.

Does Verizon Price Match against Amazon?

Verizon is not offering any price match policy against Amazon. According to their official webpage and the information articles on Pinterest, Verizon does not price match against Amazon. Even if you are getting a better deal on Amazon and you mention it to Verizon customer support, you are not getting a differed amount.

Does Verizon Price Match against Best Buy?

No, Verizon is not giving its customers a price match against the deals on Best Buy. According to the comparison of prices on Best Buy and Verizon, Best Buy is offering better deals on Verizon products. Still, you are not going to get a price match against the deals of Best Buy.

Does Verizon have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes, fortunately, Verizon has a price adjustment policy for the customers. But, it has a really small window of 14 days. If you have bought a product that later went on sale within 14 days of your purchase, you will get the differed amount in form of phone credit. It is better than getting nothing.

The window for getting a price adjustment is only 2 weeks. So, better lookout for 14 days after purchasing from Verizon to get what they might owe you.

Step by Step Guide to Verizon Price Match System

Unfortunately, the company does not offer any price match against the competitors. However, they have a price protection and price adjustment system. Read Carefully below to understand the process of getting credit back.

  • You are only eligible for a price adjustment if you bought the product in the last 14 days before the price went down.
  • The product should be bought in the same manner.
  • You only get a price adjustment on the in-store purchase if you purchased it from the store.
  • You will be getting a price adjustment online if you bought the product online.
  • If the product gets on sale after 2 weeks of purchase, you will be awarded nothing.

Verizon Return Policy

Verizon has a 30-day return or exchange policy. To get a better insight into the return & exchange policy, we have gathered some information from the official Verizon webpage. The details are explained below:

  • You can only return or exchange within 30 days of purchase.
  • No items will be returned or exchanged if damaged.
  • An original receipt or proof of payment is mandatory to return.
  • All the accessories must be in new condition.
  • A restocking fee of $50 is applied on every return & exchange.

Verizon provides a return & exchange policy, but they have very strict regulations to follow.


Here are some frequently asked questions to give you more insight into Verizon and its price matching policy.

Does Verizon price match its phones?

No, Verizon has no policy for price matches against any competitors for mobile phone devices.

Does Verizon price match accessories?

No, Verizon does not price match for accessories or any kinds of products against any competitors. Even if you find a better deal on an identical product, you will not get a price match from Verizon.

Does Verizon Price Match AT&T?

Unfortunately, according to the official webpage of Verizon, it does not have a policy to price match against AT&T.

Does Verizon Price Match against Samsung and Apple?

No, even after being the greatest competitor of Verizon, the company does not price match against Apple or Samsung on any of the products.

Does Verizon Wireless Price Match Plans?

Yes! Verizon Wireless Price Match Plans allow you to find a lower price for a same or similar plan from another carrier. Simply bring in the competitor’s advertisement or flyer, complete the online form, and Verizon Wireless will match the price. Plans must be active and in effect at the time of the price match. Some restrictions may apply, so be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully.

This is a great way to save money on your monthly phone bill, and it is also a great way to compare and choose the best plan for your needs. You never know, you might just find a better deal than what you are currently paying!

Final Thoughts

Verizon is the largest share-holder in the market in terms of telecommunication. There are many competitors in the market for Verizon, but being the one with the largest share, they do not have any policies for the customers.

Customers can get better deals by threatening customer care to change the service provider, but, it does not always work in the favor of a customer. Only if you have an old account with great history, they would listen to you.

Better deals are always available in the market for mobile phone devices and other accessories. But, customers still pay more to Verizon because of the large customer base. Also, not everybody is concerned with better deals, some people look for better service and convenience.

Verizon is convenient for customers in terms of quality and service. Therefore, it does not matter if the company is not giving a price match against the competitors.

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