Does Bloomingdales Price Match? – Bloomingdales Price Match Policy (Updated in 2023)

Now, the question is does Bloomingdales price match?

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Many luxury stores in the US have been providing their customers with a price matching over the years. Price matching policy is the best way in which a store can show its loyalty towards its customers.

Is Bloomingdales one of them? Does Bloomingdales price match? The answer is No. Although Bloomingdales is one of the most luxurious stores in the US and offers various coupons and discounts. Still, they have no clear policy for a price match for their customers.

And in this way, you can buy with the best price from Bloomingdale’s website & local store. Online purchases of discount items, clearance product, promo code not includes in pricing match.

Bloomingdales History

Bloomindales opened stores in fashion valley San Diego and South coast plaza Costa Mesa in 2006. Macy’s already had their presence in the malls, long before the expansion of Bloomingdales.

In 2011 Bloomingdales management announced that an 11,000 square meters store would open in 2013. The plan was to remodel Mervyn’s store.

Some time back 2 of the important locations were closed down by Bloomingdales. One home store in Illinois. Also, a full time store in Georgia.

In February 2020, Bloomingdales announced to close another important store from the chain. One full line location in Miami, Florida was announced to be closed. It was the company’s first anchor. It was the tenth Western-State store. Also, 41st throughout the chain.

There are a total of 55 stores in this chain. All of them are completely operational throughout the US. Out of 55 stores, 33 are departmental stores. 1 is a furniture store. 20 of the stores are with Bloomindales nameplate.

Bloomingdales Reviews

According to Trustpilot, G2, and overall reviews from the internet, Bloomingdales has a customer satisfaction rating of 4.14 out of 5 stars. It indicates that the majority of customers are happy with their purchases. The location and high-quality of items by Bloomingdale’s is always appreciated by its customers.

Bloomingdales Reviews in Trustpilot

Also, the price adjustment policies by Bloomingdales are extraordinary. No other store gives an opportunity to return the product in 90 days. Also, 45 days for price adjustment, that’s a huge favor towards the customers.

Does Bloomingdales Price Match Their Store Prices?

Despite being one of the largest luxury department stores in the United States, Bloomingdales does not currently offer this price matching service. On their official webpage, they haven’t described or mentioned anything relevant thing to this topic.

However, many review websites show that they offer price match against several competitors. The price offers and deals from Bloomingdales are extraordinary. They already offer the best any store has to offer. Therefore, they do not correspond to competitors’ advertisements.

Does Bloomingdales Price Match Their Online Prices?

Bloomingdales has always provided its customers with the best possible price. So, if you find an identical item on sale for a lower price online, Bloomingdales will issue you a price difference coupon.

Does Bloomingdales Price Match Against Amazon?

NO, Bloomingdales has best deals and offers to match your sopping expectations. As a result, matching its already low prices with those of their competitors becomes difficult. Therefore, Bloomingdales never matches its price against Amazon.

Does Bloomingdales Price Match Nordstrom?

Yes, Bloomingdales does price match Nordstrom. Although the sales of Nordstrom are continuously declining, customers still think of it as the best luxury departmental store, therefore, Bloomingdales offer price match against Nordstrom.

Does Bloomingdales have A Price Adjustment Offer?

Yes, Bloomingdales offer price adjustment. But, there is a catch, they only offer price adjustment on their own merchandise. They offer price adjustment for the sale of an item observed during a specific time period.

If you’re wondering if Bloomingdales offers price adjustment or a price match guarantee, you’ve come to the right place. Despite not offering price match against competitors, Bloomindales offer price adjustment on their own store. It is applicable during a specific time period. Bloomingdales offers the option of price adjustment or price during 10 days of purchasing. This price adjustment option is available if you find a lower price for an item at Bloomingdales.

If you meet the above criteria, Bloomingdales will consider your request for a price adjustment and will work out a refund as soon as possible.

These policies differ, but they may include the following:

  • When you are purchasing, if you have a competitors advertisement of low price with you for an identical item, you will get a price match.
  • After you have purchased an item you will be getting price adjustment only on Bloomingdales items. If the store lowers the price of an item during 10 days of your purchase, you can get the refund from the store. Just Contact the retailer, and you will be refunded the difference to your original form of payment.
  • If you go for an in-store purchase and Bloomingdales has a lower price offer on online store, you can get the low online price from Bloomingdales.

Step by Step Guide of Does Bloomingdales Price Match Policy

On their official website, they haven’t described or mentioned anything relevant to this topic. Unfortunately, as of today, Bloomingdales does not offer this price matching for competitors.

The store has always been committed to providing people with the best possible prices. Therefore, they have a solution for a price match. If you find an identical item on lower price from competitors, Bloomingdales will issue you a price difference coupon for your next purchase.


Bloomingdales will only price match the items on following conditions:

  • Identical items.
  • No difference in size, style, or color.
  • Must be purchased at full price.
  • No coupons will be issued if the item is already purchased at discount or any coupons.
  • The item must be in stock at the time of claim.
  • The price must be in the same currency in the advertisement as Bloomingdales.


Some of the most important exclusions are listed below. You need to know when you are not eligible for a price adjustment so you can save your time.

  • Items with limited stock are excluded.
  • Products purchased with special offers.
  • If you purchased an item on discounts or using coupons.
  • No sale item will be price matched.
  • No items purchased on Black Friday will be eligible.
  • No items purchased on Thanksgiving holidays will be eligible for a price match coupon.

Bloomingdales Return Policy

Most Bloomingdales purchases can be returned for a refund within 90 days if they are still in saleable condition. Items purchased as part of the final offer must be returned within 30 days of purchase. Special return policies apply to some departments, such as designer apparel dresses, which can be found here. While they do not accept all returns, they value the customer and will always be fair.


Here is a frequently asked question portion to know about the topic more clearly. So, let’s move into this part!

Does Bloomingdales offer price protection or price adjustment?

Customers can get a price adjustment or price protection from Bloomingdales.

Where can I find reviews of Bloomingdales Loyalists? 

The majority of Bloomingdales customers, whether in the store or online, rarely leave reviews on products they have purchased. This isn’t your typical Amazon. You’re completely on your own. Even the store’s website solicits feedback, but it is rarely heeded.

Compare the website, product descriptions, and other aspects of the store to those of similar stores such as Nordstrom.

How do I accept or decline pre-order merchandise shipping dates?

You can accept or decline a pre-order date in one of two ways:

You can accept or cancel most pre-order items at any time using the self-service feature. Call them at 1.800.777.0000 at any time. Bloomingdales customer service is quick. They respond in time and they will follow the following procedure.

  • If you call from a number that is associated with an order, they will check it and try to reach you quickly.
  • After the number is associated with an order, they ask to follow steps to either prompt or cancel the order.
  • If you send an email to [email protected]. You are most likely to get a response in 24 hours.

Final Thoughts

By visiting the official website, you can learn more about the products you buy and how to get a refund for price match and Adjustment.

If you have any further questions, please leave them in the comments section below. If you share this price matching process with your friends or family, they may be able to save even more money on their purchases.

We hope this makes your price matching process a lot easier. All of the questions about Bloomingdales Price Match and Adjustment Policy must be answered after reading this article. To make sure you get more information about your queries, make sure to visit official Bloomingdales site.

So, does Bloomingdales price match? The answer depends on few criteria. Hope you already got your answer.

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