Does Old Navy Price Match? – Old Navy Price Match Policy (Best Updated in 2023)

Does Old Navy price match with their competitors?

In this article, you are going to get the answer with related other queries.

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Price match is simply a guarantee given by some retailers that if the customer finds the same item at a lower price from the market, the retailer will match its price. It is usually done before making the entire purchase from online or in-store merchandise.

So, if you ask again, does Old Navy price match? YES, Old Navy facilitates its customers with the price matching policy on both of their in-store & online purchases. For their customers, a clear-cut price match policy is a delight.

In a special case of sale within a specific time of purchase, Old Navy provides its consumers with a price adjustment tool. But, of course, that is a special case. During the event of a sale, you will get the differed amount that occurred. Because of the sale. Keeping in mind the whole thing, Old Navy provides the customers with both, price match & price protection.

So, does Old Navy price match? We hope you already got your answer. But you can keep reading for further.

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Old Navy History

Very few people in the US are not familiar with the blue & white logo of the Old Navy. Since opening its first store in 1994, Old Navy has had a retail store in every state in the country. Old Navy has a total of 820 stores around the United States. It was a subsidiary of Gap Inc. With a total of 30 stores in Canada, and 850 overall, Old Navy makes around $16 billion annually, making 40% of total Gap’s revenue. Old Navy has been around for decades with low-cost clothes for everyone.

Gap has originally been around since 1969. To compete with a rival in the early 1990s, some Gap stores were converted into discount clothing stores named Gap Warehouse. But, after a few weeks of its hit, the company decided that it should be converted into a subsidiary with its own identity. Hence, Old Navy was born. Old Navy is the first-ever retail chain to generate a revenue of a billion dollars in less than 4 years.

Old Navy Reviews

According to Trustpilot, G2, and overall reviews, Old Navy is rated 4.7 out of 5. Old Navy has been rated based on the quality of products, shipping time, exchange & return policy, and price match & adjust policies.

People have loved shopping online and at outlets of Old Navy. Though the process of price match is hectic, people have positive reviews about the price matching policies of the Old Navy.

Ashley Andrews said, “I was extremely happy with the price match policy of Old Navy. I found a pair of pants on clearance for $10 less than what my local store wanted for them, and they matched the sale price without any problem.

Robin Milford said, “The pricing match policy of Old Navy is absolutely genius. I was shopping around for a new pair of jeans and found the same ones at Old Navy for 2% less than my local store. I got them, and they fit great!”

Old Navy reviews
Caption: Does Old Navy price match – What says users?

Yes, the overall review is Old Navy provides one-time price adjustment promo code to the shoppers as original form of payment. But you should talk with customer service via live chat or email message of Old Navy store.

Either you can ask for gift card or Old Navy coupon code or virtual credit card or rewards certificates or one-day deals for the next purchase.

Does Old Navy Price Match Their Store Prices?

Yes, local Old Navy store provides its consumers with a price match, but according to criteria. You will get a price match only if you bought within the last 14 days. Price match will only be given on the US competitors’ price. They also offers free shipping promotions or Old Navy super cash as a rewards. Learn more from Old Navy’s website. Local Old Navy team member can help you for more.

Does Old Navy Price Match Their Online Prices?

Yes, like in-store purchases, old navy provides its customers with a price match policy. But not supported any store coupons, clearance pricing events, sale prices, specific promotion, or one-day sales events.

Does Old Navy Price Match Against Amazon?

No clear policy of price match against Amazon is available according to Wikipedia and Pinterest reviews and information, there is no price matching policy against Amazon by Old Navy.

Does Old Navy Price Match Kohl’s?

Yes, Old Navy’s prices match its US-based competitors. Kohl’s is one of the number one competitor old navy faces in the market. Old Navy makes sure they price match against their number 1 US competitor.

Does Old Navy Have Price Adjustment Offer?

Yes, Old Navy have the price adjustment policy. If a product’s shows price difference or reduces within the purchase of 2 weeks, then Old Navy offers the price adjustments on the particular product. Also, you should have an original receipt if you are looking for a price adjustment.

Note: Clearance price or promotional discount or clearance items or clearance merchandise or sale items (Old Navy Sales) is not countable in price adjustment offer.

Step by Step Guide of Old Navy Price Match Process

Well, let’s move to learn more about Old Navy price match criteria & it’s process in details. But the main point is you should show the receipt that not more than 14 days of the date of purchase.


Old navy does price matching for its in-store and online customers, however, there is criteria and process involved to get what you want. Let’s get into the criteria straightaway.

  • Old navy will only price match with the US-based competitors.
  • There are several measuring dimensions that an item must fulfill.
  • Stock availability is an important factor in the price match process. If the company has a low stock of the desired product, the price match would not be provided.
  • The product should be bought within the last 14 days.
  • The original receipt should be available to get a price match.
  • Price matching will only be considered if the product is bought from an official store or website.
  • There will be no price matching available on products bought at discount prices, except the free shipping discount.
  • The product should satisfy the brand & model number.


After the fulfillment of the criteria for a price match, there is a little process involved to get you the price match for the desired product. Follow the following steps to get what you want:

  • Find a lower-priced product than Old Navy.
  • To achieve a price match, follow the instructions.
  • Submit the lower price index from the official website of Old Navy.
  • For an instant price match, click the link, and provide the mandatory details.
  • The request will be processed within 2-3 business days.

After the verification of price match details by Old Navy, the procedure of actual price match takes place.


Although Old Navy facilitates its customers with a price matching, there are some exceptions as well. If you are looking for a price match, before the start of the process please read the exceptions to avoid any waste of time.

  • Special hour or clearance sale products from competitors won’t be price matched.
  • Low-stock items are excluded from a price match.
  • Products bought on Black Friday or holidays are excluded from a price match.
  • If you buy a product through any coupon or discount, you won’t be able to get a price match.
  • One item can only be price matched by a customer.
  • Some mentioned products on the official website of Old Navy are excluded already from the price match process.

Old Navy Return Policy

Old Navy provides its customers with a 45 days return policy. For all Gap subsidiaries including GAP, banana republic, and Old Navy, if a customer has the original receipt, the store offers a return or exchange policy. The return or exchange policy is available on all in-store and online purchases.


Here is a quick FAQ section to know more about the topic “does old navy price match” & related information. Hope it will help you.

Does Old Navy offer military discounts?

Yes, Old Navy offers veteran’s discount policies. But, of course some terms and conditions apply. To get more information visit official webpage of the Old Navy.

Does Old Navy offer student discounts?

No, Old Navy does not offer any special student discounts.

Does Old Navy offer teacher’s discount?

Yes, Old Navy offers teacher’s discount. But, no price match policy is offered on any products bought with special discount.

Does Old Navy accept competitor’s coupons?

No, Old Navy does not accept competitor’s coupons. But, they have their own coupons and discounts.

Can you price match Old Navy without a receipt?

No, without the original receipt, Old Navy does not provide with a service of price match. Without a receipt, it is near to impossible to look for a price match from the old navy.

Final Thoughts

To conclude this discussion and keeping in mind the above factors, it is clear that Old Navy cares about its customers. The process of exchange and return is very easy. You should just have the original receipt of the purchase and you can exchange or return it within 45 days.

Just look for a competitor’s price, if it is lesser than you paid at Old Navy, go to the official website, fill out a form within 14 days of purchase, and wait for your turn. Or call the number 18004277895. As mentioned on the Old Navy official website, price match is available on both in-store and online purchases.

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