Does Foot Locker Price Match? Footlocker Price Matching Policy [Best Updated in 2023]

How does Foot Locker price match work? Foot Locker does not provide price matching with the similar retail footwear and sportswear sellers in the market. They further explain that their stores generally do not price match other websites or stores because they have a completely separate inventory than others have, meaning they also have their own sales/promotions in-store that Foot Locker doesn’t offer.

The only option available is the price adjustment offer where you can get a refund of the difference if the price lowers within 10 days of purchase date.

So, the answer of does Foot Locker price match is yes!

What Is Foot Locker?

Foot Locker is one of the leading sportswear and footwear retailers around the world including stores operating in 28 countries. When shopping for footwear, is it possible to price match Foot Locker items? Can Foot Locker be considered as one of the shoe stores that price match? When it comes to price matching and doing price matches online, customers should be aware of the price match policies that the particular stores follow to get the full benefit of it. Such price match policies may not be the same in every store.

Therefore, price matching in Foot Locker or any other store is only helpful if the customer is aware of how to ask for it.

When comparing with the competitors of Foot Locker including Nike, Adidas, Hibbett Sports, DICK’S Sporting Goods, and The Finish Line, Foot Locker has a price adjustment policy for their customers. This is an in-depth guide about how Foot Locker price match works and a comparison of it.

Reviews and Feedback About Foot Locker

Customers are often satisfied and content with the products they get from Foot Locker. Though some people claim that Foot Locker requires some areas to improve it is still the go-to store for many customers.

The areas such as refunds, quality of some products in the stores, online shopping experience, etc. apparently need some work. Overall, Foot Locker has average ratings and reviews according to the various customer experiences.

Foot Locker Reviews in Trustpilot

Nicola Cooper says, “Was a bit dubious ordering after reading other reviews. So paid via PayPal just incase. Can’t fault them ordered Monday arrived Wednesday no issues at all. Will definitely use again.”

Daniel Colgan says, “Great service for me! Ordered product online. The parcel came quickly and was well packed. Trainers are as expected. Nice job.”

Carlos L says, “I really do enjoy using footlocker as one of my go to places to buy sneakers. The service can sometimes be slow. But they almost always have my size in stock! I guess the only downside is when you try to buy online or off the app and all the bots sell out items, giving you no chance to buy.”

Matt Emery says, “Set up an account and then luckily read these reviews. So won’t order. I then tried to delete my account and ask for the removal of my data and that appears to be virtually impossible. Avoid this company at all costs.”

Ref : Trustpilot Reviews

Foot Locker History

Foot Locker is founded in 1974 by the F. W. Woolworth Company in Puente Hills Mall in the City of Industry, California, United States. Since then, Foot Locker has spread to over 28 countries with approximately 2,900 retail stores.

2004 was a special year for Foot Locker as it was able to acquire 350 stores from Footstar and Footstation USA brand for $350 million.

In 2013, the company was able to acquire the German retailer Runners Point Group.

Foot Locker has rapidly expanded to the present state over the past few decades becoming one of the leading athletic footwear retailers in the USA and many other countries.

From 2011 to 2018, Foot Locker has risen from 446th to 363rd rank in Fortune 500 rankings. The company set its goal to reach net-zero emissions by the year 2050.

Ref: Wikipedia

Does Foot Locker Price Match Their Store Prices?

Price matching is not yet available in Foot Locker stores. Instead, they have a price adjustment that allows the customers to save some amount after purchasing footwear. Apart from price adjustment, Foot Locker offers several special discounts such as military discounts and student discounts.

Military discounts are eligible for U.S. Active Duty, Military Veterans, National Guard, and Reserve service members and their families. They can get a 15% discount for their every purchase at Foot Locker stores. (Source:

Student discounts are available for students who signed up for StudentBeans and receive a 20% discount off purchases over $99. (Source:

The customers can get military discounts or student discounts by providing a valid ID as a document of proof. Foot Locker confirms the eligibility through a quick 3rd party verification process.

Though Foot Locker offers such discounts, still they are for special groups and not applicable to the majority of the customers. There are reasons for not providing price matching in some stores. Rules and regulations in some areas can affect the price of the products. The location can be another differentiator when it comes to prices.

Does Foot Locker Price Match Their Online Prices?

There isn’t an option to price match Foot Locker’s online prices either. But price adjustment is available for online prices as the customers can save a few bucks.

When shopping online in Foot Locker web stores, shoppers can use coupons and promo codes available on the Foot Locker website. They offer coupons that can get an exact amount off from purchases and a percentage off from some purchases.

Foot Locker offers up to 50% off for some reseller & footwear retailer discount codes as matter of price adjustment. If customers walk the extra mile and look for such coupons and promo codes, it is possible to receive considerable discounts when shopping with original form of payment.

There are a few reasons for online stores do not provide price matching. Shipping costs of the different areas may affect the price of a product. Therefore it is not possible to price match disregarding the location as their new notice.

Does Foot Locker Price Match Amazon?

Foot Locker doesn’t price match Amazon online store. Price matching is not available on Amazon too. Therefore, there is no possibility of to price match between the two stores. But, doing detailed market research can reveal the best price.

Does Foot Locker Price Match Walmart?

Walmart prices cannot be matched with Foot Locker as no price match offer exists in Foot Locker. Though Walmart provides price matching, they haven’t included Foot Locker as one of the online retailers to price match.

Does Foot Locker Price Match DICK’S Sporting Goods?

DICK’S Sporting Goods is one of the competitors of Foot Locker. They were in a rivalry fighting for the 3rd and the 4th spot for the ranking for leading footwear retailers. DICK’S Sporting Goods provides price matching and included Foot Locker also as one of their qualifying stores or websites.

Does Foot Locker Have Price Adjustment Offer?

Foot Locker provides a price adjustment offer instead of price matching. There are criteria to be fulfilled to get the benefits of price adjustment. The product should be purchased in less than 10 days from the order date. The customer should have the original receipt with them.

Price adjustment is possible when the item a customer purchased is available for a lower price. It is simply a partial refund the customers get when Foot Locker lowers the price of a product just bought. Price adjustment is available for both online and in-store purchases.

Everything regarding price adjustment is done under the Foot Locker price match policy. So use of their price adjustment policy, you may get the full price of your purchase.

FAQs: Does Foot Locker Price Match

If you want o know more about Footlocker best deals, price match policy, price difference, customer service, kids foot locker, lady foot locker, eastbay, competitor firms, Lowe, then just read this FAQ section. Hope you will get the answer of your queries.

Does Foot Locker offer price matching?

No, Foot Locker does not match their competitors’ prices. Price matching is not included in their policy. Apart from price adjustment, special offers, coupons, and promotions, the customers should pay the price tag they see.

Does Foot Locker do price adjustments?

Yes, Foot Locker does price adjust for up to 10 days from the purchase/order date. You should have the original receipt to get the refund. Price adjustment is not available if the 10 days are exceeded.

How can I ask for a price adjustment in Foot Locker?

You can talk to the manager of the store you bought the item. If you have purchased it online, you can contact Foot Locker customer care. You can contact Foot Locker by calling 1-800-991-6815 (6 am to 11:59 pm CST), Email: [email protected], or via live chat on the Foot Locker support center.

Does Foot Locker offer military discounts?

Yes, Foot Locker does offer veteran discount policies. The discount is available to Active-duty members, Veterans, National Guard members, Reservists, and Registered dependents of active duty or retiree service members. You will be verified with SheerID.

Does Foot Locker offer student discounts?

Yes, student discounts are available in Foot Locker. Sign up with StudentBeans to receive benefits. You should be verified in StudentBeans to get a up to 20% Student Discount when you spend $99+.

How can I use Foot Locker coupons and promo codes?

You can use Foot Locker coupons and promo codes to unlock discounts on their website. Just add items you want to buy to your cart and apply the coupon or promo code at the checkout. Foot Locker does not offer stackable coupons. Therefore, only one Foot Locker coupon code per transaction.


Unlike other footwear retailers, Foot Locker doesn’t provide price matching. It means that the prices you see on their online store or the nearby Foot Locker store are what you are going to pay. It can be changed if you are eligible for a special discount they provide or have a coupon or promo code.

Even though price matching is not their thing, the customers can get a partial refund when the price drops just after they purchase from Foot Locker. We can expect to get price matching in the future from Foot Locker as their top competitors like DICK’S Sporting Goods already provides price matching to their customers.

Got the answer of “Does Foot Locker price match”? We think, yes. But if you still have any other query regarding the does Foot Locker price match topic, feel free to ask us in the below comment section.


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