Does Menards Price Match? – Menards Price Match Policy [The Best Update in 2023]

Does Menards price match? Yes, Menards does price match in most cases. You can either call their customer service line and ask them to match the competitor’s price, or you can find the competitor’s product online and bring it into the store to have them price match it. Keep in mind that not all products are eligible for price matching, so be sure to ask before you go shopping.

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Menards History

Menards was founded in 1960 in Wisconsin. The company has since expanded to over 335 stores (as of 2021) across the United States. It is one of the big home improvement chains in the country.

Moreover, the chain currently benefits from a strong reputation of offering great value to customers. This has led the company to be a favorite among local homeowners, as well as DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors alike. Today Menards is also viewed favorably by retail investors due to its annual revenue growth rate is increasing per year.

Menards Reviews

Menards is generally regarded as a reputable home improvement chain. Many reviewers state that the products offered are of high quality, and customer service is always quick to help. However, there have been a few complaints about faulty merchandise or incorrect information provided by employees.

Overall, though, most customers seem to be happy with their experiences at Menards stores. Although the Trust Pilot review of Menards is not satisfactory.

Menards Reviews

So does Menards price match policy? Yes. But it could be good if you need to buy from this site.

Does Menards Price Match Their Store Prices?

Yes, Menards most definitely does price match their store prices. You can either call their customer service line or email them to their support email address and ask them to match the competitor’s price.

Also you can find the local retail competitor’s product online and bring it into the local Menards store purchase to have them price match it. It’s worth remembering that not all goods are compatible for price comparison. Before you go shopping, make sure to ask.

Does Menards Price Match Their Online Prices?

Yes, Menards usually does price match their online prices. However, there are a few exceptions to this policy. For example, some items which are exclusively sold in stores may not be eligible for price matching. In addition, prices on clearance items may not be matched.

Again, make sure to ask before you go shopping if you’re unsure whether or not a product will be priced matched. As well as Menards employees are not eligible to get the price match adjustment money.

Does Menards Price Match Amazon?

Yes, Menards does price match Amazon. You can find the current online price for a product at Menard’s website and then use the Amazon jungle to compare and save.

Moreover, if you found the same product on Amazon and were able to find a lower price, then Menards will indeed match that competing price. However, please note that if there’s no competition of different products available, then this offer is void.

Does Menards price match policy with Amazon? Yes, they do.

Does Menards Price Match Interior Design?

While it may not be as readily apparent as print deals or flooring selection tile options at your local store, some items including color palettes in wall vinyl and furniture can be found at Menards for a lower price.

If you see an interior design item advertised on TV or in print that’s substantially lower than what you experience locally, it might be worth giving Menard’s a call to see if they have that same product in stock and would like to match the competitor’s price.

Does Menards Price Match Lowe’s?

The short answer is no. Menards does not price match Lowe’s.


Well for starters, Lowe’s has a larger assortment of products and likely has a wider selection than Menard’s. Furthermore, some products that are sold at both stores may have different prices depending on the region in which you live. Meaning that matching one store with another could lead to an inaccurate comparison of prices.

It ultimately comes down to the fact that Menards and Lowe’s are two different businesses with distinct pricing strategies. So if you’re looking to save some money on an item, it might be better to compare products at both stores before settling on one. Just in case there are any discrepancies.

Does Menards Price Match Ace Hardware?

While Ace Hardware does not have a formal price matching policy, many shoppers often find that they’re able to save money on products by shopping at both stores. This is due in part to the fact that Ace’s larger selection often includes items not carried by Menard’s or Lowe’s.

As well as the occasional exclusive promotion that can drive down prices even further. So if you’re looking for a specific hardware item and it isn’t currently available at either Menard’s or Lowe’s, it might be worth checking out Ace.

Does Menards Have Price Adjustment Offer?

One advantage that Menard’s has over Lowe’s and Ace Hardware is the fact that they offer price adjustment offers. This means that if you find a product at one of these stores that you’ve purchased previously and it’s currently cheap, you’re allowed to bring the item back for a price match. No questions asked!

So if something happens along the way and you realize that your purchase wasn’t what you wanted, now is definitely the time to take advantage of Menard’s friendly price match policy. Keep the store voucher to get the sale price adjustments. Original cash register will provide you the adjustment price by following criteria as Menards rebate receipt coupon or a gift card or a store credit.


Here is a frequently asked question set with answers on the Menard’s price matching policy:

What items does Menard’s not price match?

Menard’s does not typically price match select major department store brands. This includes items like home improvement store, Best Buy, Lowes, Lowe’s Canada and Kirkland Signature.

If I find the same item at a lower price at a different store, can Menards price match that price?

Yes, Menards will always match the lowest price found on identical merchandise in any store, including online. Please keep in mind that Menards does not price match prices on clearance items or close-out items.

Does Menards match Home Depot price match?

You might be wondering if Menards matches Home Depot prices. The short answer is that it depends on the product and the location. However, most Menards stores do have a policy of matching prices within a certain amount of time, usually 24 to 48 hours.

So, if you find a great deal on a product at the Home Depot, be sure to take advantage of Menard’s price match policy.

Does Walmart price match Menards?

Yes, Walmart does price match Menards. Simply bring in the competitor’s ad or flyer and the Walmart cashier will be happy to match the price. This policy is in place to promote competition and ensure that customers are getting the best possible deals.

How does Menards profit from the 11% mail-in rebate?

Menards profits from the 11% mail-in rebate in a few ways. First, it takes the cost of the rebate and subtracts it from the price of the product. This leaves Menards with a net profit. Second, Menards uses the rebate money to increase its inventory, which leads to increased sales. Third, Menards pays its employees with the rebate money, which also leads to increased sales. And finally, Menards pays its suppliers with the rebate money, which also leads to increased sales.

Each of these ways of increasing sales leads to increased profits for Menards. So, if you’re looking to save money on your next purchase at Menards, be sure to take advantage of the 11% mail-in rebate!

How long does it take for Menards to price match my purchase?

Menards is committed to providing the best customer service possible. Which includes matching the price of competitor products if the product is in stock. And the competitor’s sale is currently being offered. Menards will also honor store discounts and manufacturer’s rebates that are applicable to the product. In order to ensure that you receive the best possible customer service, it is important to be familiar with the Menards price match policy.

How do I find out if a product is eligible for price matching?

Price matching is a policy that enables consumers to get the same or lower price on a product at a competing store. This is beneficial for both the consumer and the business. As it decreases the cost of goods for the consumer and limits the amount that the business has to markup.

To price match, you will need to find the competitor’s exact product page and enter in the information about the product that you are looking for. Once you have found the page, it is important to note the price. As well as the store name and phone number. You can also use this information to call and negotiate a better price.

If you are still unable to reach a satisfactory agreement, you can then go ahead and purchase the product from the competitor. Just be sure to bring along your valid purchase receipt and the product’s information to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible.


So hope you already got enough information regarding Menards price matching policy! Basically, if you find the same product at a competing store for less money (especially in local competitor’s ad), the great chance is Menards will usually match that price.

However, there are some exceptions to this policy. Such as store discounts and manufacturer’s rebates are special order which is not countable to get refund or price match. So it is important to be familiar with all of the details before making a purchase.

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