Does Office Depot Price Match Other Retailers? Office Depot Price Matching Policy (Updated in 2023)

Does Office Depot price match with competitors? We are here to help you to tell everything regarding Office Depot price matching policy, price adjustment offer, return policy & price guarantee terms and conditions.

But before that, here is a short intro about the brand.

Office Depot deals in business services and office supplies, offering products and technology solutions for businesses through its fully functioning integrated omni-channel platform of about 1,400 stores, online presence, committed sales professionals and technicians serving small, medium and enterprise businesses.

The Office Depot, Grand & Toy, Ativa, TUL, Foray, Office Max, etc are part of The ODP corporation company. They are determined to offer the best quality service at competitive market prices, and to this claim they offer price matching to their teeming customers.

In the light of the hectic and often uninformed nature of price matching, we are directing in effort how to guide you through their price matching structure. So you experience no stress in the process. We are going to tell you everything in this article.

But long story short: does Office Depot price match? The answer is YES. So, you are going to learn everything regarding the Office Depot price matching policy in detail from this article.

Let’s move forward!

Office Depot History

Office Depot, Inc. began operations in 1986 with its first store opened in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. In April of 1991 it effected an expansion to the West Coast merging with the Office Club Inc., becoming North America’s largest office product retailer.

Following its first international expansion, Office Depot was introduced to the Mexican market in 1995. Office Depot then spread more of its retailing tentacles into European and Australian direct mail markets in the acquisition of Viking Direct, a direct mail marketing company in the Netherlands in May of 1998, cementing its place as the world’s leading provider of office-use products and services.

The seasoned office product retailers got up to more prominence with 500 retail stores in the United States. And from its global growth strategy initiative, Office Depot retail stores were announced in Colombia, Israel, Hungary, Poland, Mexico, France, and Japan, between 1990 and 1998.

Office Depot Inc. going digital launched its first website in 1998, to affirm the company its place as the industry’s technology leader. With this it effected expansion in domestic e-commerce capabilities, and extended the line of products and services it offered. In 1999, the company launched its first e-commerce site set for the European marketplace,, in the United Kingdom.

Office Depot has continued to expand in business through various acquisitions, mergers and partnerships in Europe, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region in the years that ensued.

Source: Wikipedia | Office Depot Website

Office Depot Reviews

Office Depot Reviews in SiteJabber

According to Sitejabber the company received a favorable 3.83 stars feedback, focusing on general customer satisfaction on best price and good delivery of product. This should encourage patronage. But according to Trustpilot, Office Depot’s rating is only 1.4 out of 5 stars. Overall customer satisfaction is okay compare to similar other platforms.

Ash says, “Office Depot is a staple in most offices due to its low prices, good quality products and fast shipping. I’ve never had any issues with the products or service, so I can’t really say anything negative.

According to Google reviews Office Depot has an average rating of 4 stars with 95% satisfaction rate – indicating that customers are happy with what they purchase from this retailer and recommend it to others.

Another regular customer Erlend says, “I’ve been a customer of Office Depot for about 5 years now. I like the fact that they have many products at reasonable prices and that their shipping is usually very fast.”

Does Office Depot Price Match In-Store?

Yes, local store of Office Depot price match with their competitors. Excluding prices from their catalogs, online-only specials, or prices set for contract customers. and their call centers in due course do not offer price matching with prices for products offered to esteemed contract customers or online-only specials.

Does Office Depot Price Match Online?

Yes. Excluding online-only specials, or prices offered to their own website contract customers.

Does Office Depot Price Match Amazon?

Yes. Office Depot and OfficeMax stores are open to price matching in only 50 United States and Puerto Rico retail market spaces. This applies to qualifying items and products sold online at Amazon store associate is not included in this list.

Does Office Depot Price Match Target?

Yes, Office Depot and OfficeMax retail stores price match with selected competitors that includes Target Inc., with the proof of lower standard prices.

Does Office Depot Price Match Walmart?

Yes, Office Depot and OfficeMax retail stores jointly price match with Walmart Inc., on a qualifying product sold in their retail outlet with a proof that can be acted on.

Does Office Depot Price Match Best Buy?

The short answer is yes, Office Depot does price match Best Buy on their advertised price.

Does Office Depot Price Match Nordstrom?

Yes, Office Depot does price match Nordstrom. Even you can get this offer from local Office Depot store too. Just ask in customer service desk for details. And if you want to buy from online retailers, just chat with them by showing the final price with competitor website’s price difference.

Does Office Depot Have As Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes, it is official and viable. Existent on the premise of finding a lower price for a new similar item in-store or online at a competitor’s or at Office Depot’s, with time of purchase being within a 14-day period, and with proof there can then be a price matching or refund of the difference.

Does Office Depot Have A Price Match Guarantee?

OfficeMax and Office Depot are jointly committed to price match the price offered by competitor retailers on a new similar item under the same brand name, for both retail stores and online purchases.

Step by Step Guide of Office Depot Price Match System

  • When you find a lower price on a new identical item in-store or online at a competitor or in-store any Office Depot retail outlet at time of purchase or within 14 days after making purchase;
  • Show the lower price as proof and Office Depot will match the price or refund you the difference.
  • Nearly all new items that are similar by brand and in stock qualify. Meaning, Office Depot will honor items with the same model number, features, and warranty that are on ground and available at the proven stipulated price.
  • Office Depot matches service plans, copy, custom printing, and computer services.
  • For items sold with a service plan, such as wireless devices, the plan, provider, and associated terms must all be similar.
  • The Office Depot price is then the final amount you settle after various discounts, coupons, instant savings and mail-in savings are placed. Office Depot will match any known competitor’s point-of-sale price upon discounting their instant savings/rebates and coupons.

Office Depot Return Policy

They offer provision for the return of some purchased items a customer is not 100% satisfied with, on the grounds of allowable return day periods. From 14 days to the highest of 90 days, permissible based on the item purchased.

Some Important Things About Office Depot Price Match

Important demonstration of what to take note of regarding Office Depot and its price matching, here below:

  • Marketplace items that are sold by third parties on both and competitors websites;
  • Do not qualify ad or price errors items on closeout, clearance, or liquidation out-of-stock items;
  • Special orders, location specific offers, or gift card offers;
  • Holiday sale offers including Black Friday and Cyber Monday;
  • Tax promotions;
  • Competitors’ mail-in rebates nor will they deduct the value of any gift with purchase;
  • Office Depot catalog items;
  • Office Depot online-only/in-store only specials;
  • Items offered to Office Depot contract customers;
  • Office Depot Business Select items.

Does Office Depot Offer Military Discounts?

Yes, Office Depot guarantees a 20% military discount accorded to qualifying purchases from military personnel with IDs confirmed or a veteran ID from any of their stores from which the purchase was made.

Does Office Depot Offer Student Discounts?

Majority of Office Depot stores do not offer student discounts at present. But offer other reward programs that can actively engage students as well to their benefit.

Does Office Depot Offer Front-Line Worker Discounts?

There is no discount for essential workers’ purchase of items from Office Depot. But there are a lot of reward programs they can explore the possibilities of, to help them save some money upon making a purchase.

Does Office Depot Offer Teacher Discounts?

Through the Office Depot OfficeMax Teacher Discount Rewards Program, teachers enjoy an Education Discount that helps them get 2% back in reward points year-round, and up to 20% in bonus rewards during teacher appreciation events all through the year.

Does Office Depot Offer Seniors Discounts?

No organized senior discount program is offered by Office Depot.

Does Office Depot Offer Birthday Discounts?

Office Depot does give a special birthday discount when you become a beneficiary of their VIP rewards program.

Does Office Depot Offer AARP Discounts?

There is no provision for an AARP discount by Office Depot.

Does Office Depot Allow Coupon Stacking?

Yes, they permit coupon stacking and you conveniently double your discount with this.

Does Office Depot Accept Competitor Coupons?

Yes, they accept manufacturer’s coupons taken to their stores in accordance with the terms placed by the manufacturer.


Here is a frequently asked question portion with answer. If you read these FAQs and still have a question not answered, please use the comment section at the bottom of every page on our website.

What is the best way to get a price match?

From new and similar purchased items qualifying for price matching with known competitors and in-store retail, within that period; you should contact with the shop.

Does Office Depot price match other retailers?

Yes. When binding for qualifying products, Office Depot price matching is known to suit that of competitors and within the given period.

What are the benefits of price matching?

It helps assure customers of commitment towards maintaining competitive market prices and retailing at a fair share of lower market prices.

How can I find out if Office Depot price matches a competitor?

You first find out if online only specials and contract customer clauses do not surround the item.

What are the limitations of the Office Depot price matching policy?

  • Limited to the United States and Puerto Rico coverage locations.
  • It has to be within 14 days of purchase.
  • Only for a qualifying item.

How do I price match at Office Depot?

Upon finding a lower price for a recently purchased qualifying item, you show proof of the lower price and Office Depot will perform their price matching on the new and identical item. Of course it should be within 14 days of your purchase.

What exclusions are there to Office Depot price matching policy?

  • Different brand names do not qualify.
  • Purchased items exceeding the 14 days period.
  • Purchases made outside of all United States and Puerto Rico retail stores.
  • Items listed on online-only specials and for contract customers.

Does Office Depot price match Walgreens?

Office Depot does not price match with Walgreens.

Does Office Depot price match Dick’s Sporting?

Yes, Office Depot does price match Dick’s Sporting goods.

Does Office Depot price match Costco?

Yes, Office Depot usually does price match Costco.

Does Office Depot Price Match Kmart?

Yes, Office Depot usually does price match with Kmart.

Final Words

So, the overall thing is that Office Depot usually does price match with other retail outlets. However, there are some specific exclusions that you should be aware of if trying to do so yourself.

Let us know if you want to know any specific thing regarding the does Office Depot price match policy (especially about the Office Depot price match policy) article. We are here to help you!


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