Does Meijer Price Match? – Meijer Price Match Policy (The Best Update in 2023)

Meijer is one of the renowned supercenter chains in the US. It offers a variety of products that are useful on a daily basis. Clothing, footwear, grocery, sporting goods, gasoline, bedding, furniture, jewelry, beauty, health, and other items are all available.

I understand that this question is bothering you, Does Meijer Price Match? Well, the answer to this question is No. Plus, you have no idea how to approach the problem. Without further ado, let’s get into the details of what price matching at Meijer entails and how it works.

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Meijer History

Meijer’s headquarters are based in Walker, Michigan, America. It is a Midwest-based American supercenter chain. It is located in Grand Rapids metropolitan area. Founded in 1934, Meijer is credited with inventing the modern supercenter concept in 1962.

The store is located on 180,000, and combined grocery and department store shopping in one area. Self-shopping service and shopping carts are first introduced by Meijer.

1987 was the year when Walton opened the first hyper smart USA store. After this one, only four more hyper smart stores were made, the last one was made in 1990. The non-grocery half of the store was built with six-inch thick floors. The thought behind this flooring was that if the store fails store could be converted into an indoor car dealership. In 1987, another store was later opened in Norton Shores. In 1964, two more stores were opened.

According to Forbes magazine in 1985, Walton and his team failed in what were then known as hypermarkets. The reason was that they did not understand the grocery business. Meijer’s independent grocery stores lasted until the early 90’s when larger stores took over. The quality of products is all that matters. The main reason of the failure in early 90’s was poor quality produce.

First store in Mid-Michigan was opened in Delta Charter Township at the end of 1966. Until 1975 all new stores were constructed on additional construction costs. But after that mistake was pointed out, they stopped.

Meijer Reviews

According to G2 and other online reviews platform, Meijer receives a 3.4 out of 5-star rating. Meijer received a score based on product quality, shipping time, and exchange and return policies, and price match and adjustment policies.

People have enjoyed shopping at Meijer outlets and online. Meijer’s price matching policies have not been available or have never been discussed in the past.

Meijer reviews rating in Trustpilot is only 1.8 out of 5.

Meijer Reviews in Trustpilot

Does Meijer Price Match Their Store Prices?

Unfortunately, Meijer does not currently offer this service for price matching. On their official webpage, they haven’t described or mentioned anything relevant to this topic. Meijer already offers the best deals and offers it can in order to meet your shopping expectations. As a result, matching their already low prices with those of their competitors becomes difficult. As a result, it does not correspond to competitor advertisements.

Meijer does not match competitor prices. The company’s price match policy came to an end. Meijer used to match prices on General Merchandise (non-grocery) items, but that no longer happens.

Does Meijer Price Match Their Online Prices?

No, Meijer doesn’t match their competitors’ prices. Meijer already provides its customers with the best possible prices for the products. Also, the special discounts and coupons are available from time to time too. So, it is not necessary to have a price match when you are already the lowest one in town.

Does Meijer Price Match Against Amazon?

According to Wikipedia and Pinterest reviews and information, Meijer has no clear policy on price matching against Amazon. On amazon, there are various sellers of the same product. It is always hard to keep a track of that. It is best that Meijer does not give a price match against amazon sellers.

Does Meijer Price Match Costco?

Meijer does not offer price matching with Costco because of its marketing policy. Like amazon and other competitors, Costco is slightly higher in prices than Meijer already. It is not necessary to always give a price match against your competitors. Sometimes, it is better to just look for the customers’ convenience in terms of quality.

Note: Even they don’t provide Walgreens or Walmart price match also. Their customer service confirmed it.

Does Meijer Have Price Adjustment Offer?

You can use this price adjustment feature if you find a lower price for a general merchandise item at Meijer. If you find a lower price for a Meijer general merchandise item, you can use this price adjustment option.

Category of price adjustment compares comparable merchandise, such as Meijer, for the sale of items observed over a specific time period. If you’re wondering if Meijer offers a price adjustment program or price match guarantee, you can rest assured that it does. The sales of items observed in a specific time frame are compared among the same merchandise, i.e., Meijer, in the case of price adjustment.

As a result, Meijer offers price adjustment and price protection options. As a result, Meijer offers customers the option of price protection or cost adjustment. It can, however, match its own price difference for a limited time period.

Even Meijer not provides any price match facility, also they don’t provides price match guarantee facility too. And they don’t do any price match process in case of online purchases. They never count competitor coupons, black Friday offer or thanksgiving manufacturer coupon.

We didn’t find any Meijer lacks in this section. But they do the process of price adjustment. They always count the lowest price if you can provides the show the proof of 30 days of your purchase of that item.

So, in summary: does Meijer price match offer? No! But they have price adjustment policy.


In price comparison to its competitors, Meijer has fairly low prices. Because of their low prices, it is my primary grocery store. I’m glad they got rid of price matching if it was affecting everyday pricing.

I’ve never done a price match before. However, I understand why some people may be disappointed that Meijer no longer offers price matching. While it lasted, I suppose it was a nice perk of shopping at Meijer.

Response from Meijer on COVID-19

Meijer has a privacy policy in place to keep their customers and employees safe. Face masks are required for all customers entering Meijer. You will also have the option of receiving your order at your home via contactless grocery delivery.

You can quickly scan and pay to get out of the store as soon as possible. Sanitation is carried out properly throughout the store to ensure that proper safety is maintained.

Meijer’s Return Policy

Meijer’s goal is to provide a quick, easy, and positive return experience, so the following guidelines have been established:

  • Earning rewards such as personalize rewards or major credit card rewards.
  • There will be no credit for pharmacy rewards on the return.
  • Without a receipt, returns are subject to the lowest sale or promotional price.
  • If you pay with a card, the store can check the payment details of the order for up to 21 days.
  • Valid identification may be required and recorded for returns without a receipt.


Does Meijer price match? Here’s a quick FAQ section to learn more.

Is it possible to return the item to the Meijer store?

Yes, you will return the item and receive a refund or exchange within 90 days.

Are senior hours available at Meijer?

Yes, they extend store hours for seniors with chronic illnesses on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-8 a.m. local time.

What is the Meijer store’s policy on Competitor Ad Match?

Every day, Meijer strives to provide low prices throughout the store. Meijer does not match competitor ads in order to keep the prices stable.

What exactly is Meijer?

Meijer is a regional retailer headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Operating 240 plus stores with a total of 70,000 employees.

What distinguishes Meijer from other retailers?

Meijer stores provide all of the convenience and value that you’d expect from the company that invented the supercenter concept, as well as the fresh, high-quality food and friendliness that you’d expect from your neighborhood grocer. Because we are a smaller, family-owned regional retailer based in the Midwest, we are able to bring this hometown feel to our stores.

We have a close-knit team, and our team members are very plugged into their communities, with the authority to make decisions based on what their local customers need and want. This is true not only for store merchandise, which is tailored to local needs and frequently includes locally grown and produced items, but also for food.

Final Thoughts

Although Meijer does not currently price match, their prices are already lower than those of their competitors. However, it still offers you a better price protection or price adjustment facility. Share your thoughts on whether Meijer should begin offering a price match service to its customers.

At the end of the day, we all know that money is the most important thing. And we make every effort to save as much as we can. Meijer already offers very low prices, but, we know you would love to get a price match policy on non-grocery items too. For further details you can visit Meijer official homepage.

So, does Meijer price match? The answer is YES! And in this price adjustment article, we provided the best information for you.

Want any specific information about does Meijer price match or not? Write down in comment section. Will let you know how Meijer work with coupon policy, gift cards, manufacture coupons, double coupons, etc.

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