Does Scheels Price Match? – Scheels Price Match Policy (The Best Update in 2023)

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Requesting from a store that another store (online retailer or local retailer) is selling a similar item at a lower price is an extraordinary bargain. Also, you’d get the best deal in town on the stores with a price match policy on every item, from necessities to luxuries. An example is curtains. Just imagine you love curtains at a store, but the design is all sold out. Just go to another store with similar designs and get a good deal.

If the store does not have the same design, find another store with the same design. If they offer a price match and the price is high, you can get the same design from this store at the rate of the other store. See, that is how you would get the best deals in town. Many stores offer a price match policy, but here you are going to learn all about Scheels and its price matching policy.

Does Scheels price match? Of course, they do. Scheels price match policy is available on both online and in-store purchases. The best way to avail this service is to get in touch with the customer care at Scheels. Show them the proof of purchase, provide them with the advertisement of lower price. In this way, you can get a price match at Scheels.

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Scheels History

Scheels added a sporting goods category in its stores (entertainment chain store) in 1902. For the next few decades. They just kept expanding it across the Midwest. The owners of the company are store managers, employees, and the founder’s great-grandson.

Scheels has more than 33 locations (2022) in various cities of United States (source: The headquarter is located in Sabin, Minnesota, United States. At first, Scheels was a general hardware store.

Now Scheels all sports products in the most rapid city & Sioux city (Sioux falls), Iowa city, Fargo, North Dakota city, Omaha city, Mankato, & more. It opened over a century ago. Now Scheels is one of the known company in the United States. It’s one of the best bass pro shops all over the country.

Scheels Reviews

Scheels has a 4.4 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot, G2, and overall reviews over the internet and social media. They have been rated based on product quality, shipping time, exchange & return policy, and price.

People always enjoy shopping at their stores and online platforms. Although the price matching process is hectic, people have given Scheels positive reviews for their price matching policies.

Scheels Reviews in Trustpilot

Do Scheels Match their Store Prices?

Yes, Scheels offers price matching. The company promises to price match in-store and online with proof of price. You should have proof of purchase in form of a receipt too. Many of the competitors do not have a price match policy, which makes Scheels a standout amongst others.

Do Scheels Match their Online Prices?

Yes, Scheels has the policy to match the price on the online purchase too. For an online price match just contact their customer support with the proof of a low-priced item. You will be assisted by customer support to get a price adjustment for your purchase.

Does Scheels Price Match Against Amazon?

Yes, Scheels price match against Amazon. According to the official webpage of the company, they offer a price match against all of the local competitors. The company has a wide range of products. It is hard to keep the prices low on every product. However, they will gladly price match any item against competitors. Amazon is one of them.

Does Scheels Price Match Dicks Sporting Goods?

Yes, Scheels has a price match policy against Dick’s Sporting Goods. Price matching is always a tricky business. In the case of Scheels, it is the same. Scheels will only price match against Dick’s Sporting Goods if they have the same item in stock. If not, you aren’t getting anything.

Does Scheels Offer Price Adjustment?

Yes, they do! Scheels has a price adjustment policy on the purchased items. All the related information about price adjustment is easily available on their official webpage. Within two weeks of your purchase, you can get a price adjustment from Scheels on an item you purchased. If you do not like the purchased item, you can always return it for a full refund.

Step by Step Guide of Scheels Pricing Match Policy

Scheels will price match anything online or in-store with proof of the lower-priced item, according to a Scheels corporate customer service representative. If you purchased an item and its price matches either a printed advertisement or an electronic one, you will get a price adjustment from Scheels. The process is so simple. Just send an email to customer service with the proof of a lower-priced item, and get a price adjustment offer from Scheels.

Scheels claims to price match all items and to provide 100% customer satisfaction. However, every Scheels store is privately owned. It means that every owner has an option of implementing or declining the rules set by the company.

The current price adjustment policy was redefined in 2017. It is really simple to understand and even simpler to implement. Even though their policy is straightforward, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any rules to follow. To qualify for a price match you must first ensure that the competing store has either a printed advertisement or electronic advertisement. Also, make sure the item is still in stock at the competitor’s store.

Scheels will gladly give you a price adjustment offer, but only within 14 days of the purchase.

Scheels Return Policy

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To return or exchange an order placed on Scheels, follow the steps below.

First, go to Scheels self service return and enter the necessary information. They will ask for your order number, order email, and billing zip code.

To return online, go to the official website of Scheels. Choose the items you want to return, the quantity, and the reason for the return or exchange.

If you’re exchanging an item, fill out the required section with the product you’d like to exchange it for.

Like price match and price adjustment policies, Scheels also has the best return policies. Please read below to make sure you know everything about Scheels’ return policy.

  • If you ordered a gift card. A new gift card will be mailed to the address.
  • If you are requesting and returning an item that is out of stock at the store, you will be issued a Scheel’s gift card. The card will be mailed to the billing address.
  • It will take 2-3 business days to process your order.
  • It will take 3-5 business days for a refund or return.
  • If you purchased an item online, you can still exchange it by walking to the nearest store.
  • You should have an original receipt to return or exchange.
  • Only items with original tags are exempted from original receipt while returning.


Even though the process of returning and exchanging is so easy, there are still some exclusions. No items will be returned after 30 days. At Scheels, you cannot return or exchange a damaged item.

Always keep in mind these things when you go to return or exchange items at Scheels.


It’s difficult to keep your cool in today’s highly competitive retail market. Here are some frequently asked questions about Scheels to help you out.

Is Scheels a delivery service?

Scheels ships with UPS, FedEx, and USPS to ensure that your package arrives at your door. You can also have any package shipped to the nearest store to your location if you prefer to pick it up there.

Is PayPal accepted at Scheels?

Does Scheels price match? Yes. But how? Are they accept PayPal? Or Cards? Scheels accepts credit cards and PayPal in full. They will also provide you with a full refund if there are any problems with your order on their end.

Does Scheels price match Walmart?

Scheels does not price match Walmart. So they don’t allow Walmart’s coupon, promo codes, or similar anything.

Final Thoughts

Scheels All Sports is a North Dakota-based American sporting goods and entertainment company. It is a privately held, employee-owned company with 33 store locations in the United States. Given that Scheels claims to price match any lower-priced item that they also have in their store, it’s safe to say that they’re a good choice when compared to other competitors in the same market.

That being said, because they are individually owned, private owners can make their own decisions about whether or not to follow those decisions by the company. But, almost all stores comply with the company policies and satisfy their customers in the manners of price and quality.

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