Does Joann Price Match? – Joann’s Price Matching Policy (Updated in 2023)

Price match is simply a gesture of care and loyalty towards customers, provided by well-known stores throughout the US. Many stores now provide price match to the customers on their in-store and online purchases. Of course, there are many conditions and criteria to follow, but at least a price match or price adjustment is healthy competition amongst the stores.

Does Joann price match? The answer is YES. Joann provides its customers with a price match policy on both in-store and online purchases. For millions of its customers, a price match policy is a relief. Within the last 7 days of purchase, a customer can get a price match from any Joann store. Joann also offers a price adjustment policy for the last 30 days of purchase.

Joann’s History

No one in the US will be unfamiliar with the name Joann. Joann has been around since 1943 as a fabric and crafting brand. The first shop was opened by German immigrants in 1943 in Cleveland Ohio. The name was changed in 1963 to become Joann. The store was named after combining the names of the daughter of the founding families.

In 1969, Joann became a publicly traded corporation. In 1994, Joann made its first acquisition purchase of 342 stores in Southern company. After the purchase, Joann became a 655 stores chain in the US. In 1998, all of the stores were renamed Joann Fabrics.

In 2021, the company made an e-commerce facility in Ohio. The E-commerce facility helped Joann with the online sales. According to the official website of Joann fabrics, by 2022, the company has a total of 865 stores in 49 states of the US.

Joann Reviews

According to the ratings of G2, Trustpilot, and other online forums, Joann is rated 4.6 out of 5. People rated Joann based on their fabric quality, crafting, innovation, and their price match policies.

Joann Reviews in Trustpilot

Customers reviewed Joann to be a great store in terms of price match policy and price adjustment. According to some customers, Joann’s policy to price match is a simple and easy process. It doesn’t take much effort to get a difference in the value of your goods on in-store or online purchases.

Does Joann Price Match Their Store Prices?

Yes, Joann Price matches the in-store purchases. To get a price match on in-store purchases, the customer should have purchased the item in the last 7 days. The receipt must be original to get a price match.

Does Joann Price Match Their Online Prices?

Yes, Joann Price matches the online purchases. To get a price match on online purchases, the customer should have purchased the item in the last 7 days. The receipt must be original to get a price match. And just email them with proof of your purchase to get the process started.

Does Joann Price Match Amazon?

According to the official Joann fabrics website, they provide the customers with a price match against Amazon. But, the items bought should be identical.

Joann only provides a price match against Amazon if the item bought was not on the sale price and the price did not lower on Amazon after the purchase was made.

Does Joann Price Match Kohls?

Yes, Joann’s price matches against Kohl’s. The criteria are the same as Amazon, not on a sale item, and should have been bought within the last seven days.

Moreover, it is not always necessary to look for a price match. Products quality and easy availability are the things that matter too. Make sure to pay a few bucks more if your products are going to last longer.

Does Joann Price Match Walmart?

Yes, the official Joann Fabrics website claims to have a price match policy against Walmart. According to Joann’s official webpage, the company offers a price match policy on various online stores including Amazon, Walmart, Michaels, Partycity, and Staples.

Step by Step Guide of Joann’s Price Match System


Joann provides its customers with in-store and online purchases. However, the criteria according to which the price match will be given on an item will are discussed under the following lines. The mandatory requirements are:

  • The product against which you are asking for a price match must be identical. 
  • Quantity, size, color, weight, and model should be a match.
  • The product of the requested price match should be available in both the competitor’s and Joann’s stores.
  • If you are dealing through a website, make sure you are eligible for a price match.
  • The actual price of the item should match the one at the Joann store.
  • Joann has a complete right to a verification. If Joann could not verify the availability of an item, they have a right to decline your claim.
  • Joann also verifies the item’s price on a competitor’s store. If the price is not verified, you are not eligible for a price match.


To request a price match at Joann, you should follow the mentioned process.

  • Find the advertisement that shows a low-priced item of the competitor. 
  • Go to the store with the proof of low price.
  • You should have proof of purchase from Joann’s. An original receipt.
  • The item should have been bought within the last 7 days.
  • For the online process, go to the official Joann website. 
  • Provide relative information about the product and proof of lower price from competitors’ electronic or printed advertisements.
  • Email at [email protected]


Although Joann provides its customers with a price match and price adjustment policy, however, there are some exclusions as well. To completely understand the eligibility criteria and process, you should know about the following exclusions too.

  • No coupons are allowed for a price match at Joann.
  • Stores based in Alaska do not offer any price match policy.
  • If the product is not available in stock on Joann, it is excluded from a price match.
  • The product with no clear mention of the exact model number or price is excluded.
  • If a typing error is made in the advertisement regarding the price, no price match will be given.
  • No price match will be given if the item is damaged.
  • Items that are used are excluded.
  • If you have bought an item as a member to avail special discount at the competitor’s store, no price match will be given on that item.

Joann Return Policy

Joann provides its customers with a return policy within 30 days of purchase. The return policy is only available if the item is not damaged. Also, for returning an item purchased at Joann, you should have the original receipt or proof of purchase with you.


Here are some frequently asked questions to help you through the process of price match on any Joann stores including identical item & lowest price of third party pricing products.

Does Joann offer military discounts?

Yes, Joann has a special discount policy for the old veterans. Of course, some terms and conditions apply for special discounts. Please visit the official webpage of Joann to get more information about discounts.

Does Joann offer a teacher’s discount?

Yes, Joann offers special teachers’ discounts on their in-store and online purchases.

Does Joann accept competitors’ coupons?

No, Joann stores do not accept any coupons from the competitors. Joann has coupons for its customers.

Can you price match without the original receipt on Joann?

Price match without an original receipt or proof of purchase is a big no. To get a price match original receipt is a must.

Does Joann have a price adjustment policy?

Yes, Joann has a 30 days price adjustment policy on their in-store and online purchases.

Does Joann price match Pledge?

As Pledge is an online competitors, so, yes, Joann match prices Pledge. Actually most of the major online retailers when it comes to fabric and craft supplies, Joann do the price match, and even with a free shipping.

Does Joann provides price match guarantee?

Yes, Joann offers a price match guarantee. If you find the same product at a lower price anywhere online, Joann will offer you the difference in price.

But only in local store & online store. But not in clearance items, sale items, with the promo code, & in seasonal items. You should show the proof of the lower price to avail the opportunity.

Note: Does Joann price match & Does Joann price match guarantee is not a similar term!

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Final Thoughts

Joann is one of the top-tier fabric stores in the US. They have items from fabric to party items at their stores. Joann provides its customers with a price match policy to show them loyalty. The process of Joann price match policy is really simple.

Just go to the store with proof of low-priced product and original receipt of your purchase, and get your process started. After verification by the Joann management, you will get what they owe you. For the online process go to the official website of Joann and fill out the required information to get started. You can also call them on the number 330-735-6576.

By using either method and providing the competitor’s link and your order number as information, you will get a price match at Joann.

So, now if I ask you does Joann price match, then your answer should be clear. Because you know each & every facts now!


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